C3Film’s Four Business Areas

As AOI Pro. Group’s video production company, we work with both national clients and local companies to create various types of video content, including numerous TV commercials and online videos. Our highly unique creatives each bring their own individual perspective to their work to produce high quality pieces.

From planning that responds to client issues to determining a cutting-edge direction, our diverse team of creatives leverages unique ideas to generate creations that spark discoveries and resonate with viewers. 

We carry out comprehensive digital marketing solutions expressed by the keyword DIGITAL360˚. Our services cover everything from planning primarily digital measures, to video creation, LP creation, and distribution, and continue post-release with analysis, improvement plan proposals, and events.

With “digital & creative” as our theme, we are taking the know-how cultivated in video creation to date, and using it to expand into new fields such as running media targeted to overseas viewers.