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We C3Film, produce content for various television and internet platforms, while keeping up-to-date with the latest media trends. We produce commercials not only in Japan but also all over the world.
Japan has many beautiful locations from the snowy landscape in Hokkaido to the turquoise ocean of Okinawa.
We can provide you with production cost estimates, staff, equipment, studios, post-production, stock footage, and other specific information for your shooting needs.

*We are part of AOI Pro. This group is equipped with all the necessary resources and latest equipment for video production; such as planning, direction, production, 3D CG, and filming studios.
Being a part of this group means we can guarantee a seamless production flow with a rapid communication speed.

  • Research

    To help you get set-up we can provide a wealth of knowledge regarding staff, equipment, studios, post-production, etc.
    We can turn your ideas however small into a reality.

  • Director

    In-house Director team
    C3Film is happy to introduce you to our favorite collaborators as well.

  • Remote Shooting

    We have vast experience of remote shooting in Japan and overseas.(Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc.)

  • Equipment

    We have all the latest equipment from Alexa, GoPro, to cable wire cameras, etc.
    We can give you suggestions and provide or make equipment for all your shooting needs.

  • Studio

    We can offer a variety of different sized studios, including group studios.

  • Post Production

    We can help with voice overs, CG, animation etc.


With staff fluent in English and Chinese, we are here to provide you with rapid support for a variety of tasks.

  • Yuki Iiizumi


  • Kenshin Nawa




  • Nichiko Ochiai



Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything, however small, even in the early planning stages. Our dedicated research team are happy to answer any questions and can provide any information you might need regarding shooting in Japan.

Nichiko (+81)80-6257-0043 / nichiko.ochiai@c3film.co.jp